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About Us

MORF was invented by fashion designer Tamara Salem and its unique construction is a registered US patent.

The MORF FASHION company was founded in 2013 by Tamara Salem and Barak Kirschner, co-founder and CEO.

Tamara Salem, MORF Fashion, Alexa Dol

Tamara (right): “Creativity, innovation, diversity, style” (photo by Ido Izsak)


"I always liked multi-functional clothing. It’s fun. The problem I have with most of them is that it’s usually complicated and therefore uncomfortable.
MORF has the quality of change while its unique structure enables you to wear it just like any regular shirt. No velcros, zippers or strips.
The change can be subtle or dramatic – it’s your choice.
Today we see a growing involvement of fashion buyers in the design.
MORF allows you to create custom made looks of your desire."


Tamara Salem / tamara@morf-fashion.com


We believe in our concept and the values it stands for – creativity, innovation, diversity, style. We also believe you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get all of these. For a fair price of one shirt you get a whole collection of looks- for every mood and occasion.